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What could your life look like with clarity, vision, goals, actionable steps, and accountability?

Your level ten life is waiting...

The question is, are you READY?

Samantha Jo Harvey dance coach Arbonne
Samantha Jo Harvey dance coach Arbonne

I remember the first time I felt the whisper. I ignored it for years until one day that whisper turned into what felt like getting hit with a 2x4. Through my personal struggles with worthiness, disordered eating, and divorce, I discovered the value of support. I know the struggle. I know the pain. I know the feeling of surviving day to day feeling like a zombie yet knowing deep down I was meant for more. 


It's not too late life is now.

You may feel isolated. You may feel unsure. But your greatness is brewing. Your greatness is waiting to be unleashed. Together we will define your goals and uncover the beliefs and habits that are holding you back. We will explore your vision, what is and isn't serving you and commit to weekly actionable stepsI will support you in releasing anything that's not serving you so you can create tangible results. What could your life look like with support, accountability, and growth? How could that effect your relationships, your finances, your business, and your happinessYou are worthy, you are deserving, you are powerful. And it's my job to guide you into owning your unique power.

One-on one coaching is for you if you:

  • are ready to take your life to the next level and are willing to do whatever it takes

  • have a lot of goals but find yourself overwhelmed or burned out

  • know what you want but feel overwhelmed with how to get there

  • question 'who am I to... have wild dreams,  be successful, etc?'

  • are already successful but still struggle in one area of your life (money, relationships, biz)

  • are tired of living the way you're living and are READY for CHANGE


Thanks for for reaching out! I look forward to speaking with you soon!



The kindness and passion Sam has for helping empower and guide her clients provided me with a safe space to show up as my truest self! Working with Sam has helped me not only dig deep into my core beliefs but manifest significant changes in my life for which I am endlessly grateful! I could not have picked a better coach to work with: she is a total badass and the best in the business.

— EricaY, Recreation Therapist,

   Network Marketer


Speaking with Sam is nothing short of uplifting and inspiring. She has an amazing gift of letting you see for yourself what is holding you back and empowers you to move forward with accomplishing your goals. Her passion for coaching is evident as she easily and enthusiastically gives you courage, motivation and inspiration!

-Karen K , Property Manager, Mom

Sam has been a positive mentor to me and has guided me to see my life and future from an attainable perspective. Her realistic and positive approach to goal setting has helped me during a drastic life shit, and she goes the extra mile to make sure I continue realizing my own potential and worth along the way!

— Sarah Grooms, Professional Dancer,
   Fitness Instructor, 
Small Business Owner


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