Virtual 6-Week Group Coaching Program 

11/11- 12/16

Do you want to feel more CONFIDENT in your life or business?

Do you have a big vision for your life or business, but are paralyzed by fear or lack of confidence?

Do you know you are meant to be successful but fear is keeping you small?

Do you feel like you have to ‘have it all figured out’ before you share your passion online?

Do you feel like people are going to judge you for your online business?

Do you find yourself staying quiet in groups instead of speaking your thoughts?

Do you stress before a big event, presentation, or gathering?

When you post online and get zero interactions, does it keep you from wanting to post again?

Are you afraid of rejection?

Do you feel like you need to have the perfect picture, video, filter, body, or caption before posting online?

Do you stress about posting online for fear of judgment?

Are you worried about upsetting people if you show up as your true self?


It’s NOT your fault..I’ve been there too. I’ve felt the pull towards something greater, but the fear, the anxiety, and the stress kept me stuck. Between an unhealthy marriage (that kept me insanely insecure and completely lacking in confidence), battles with body dysmorphia (that kept me a prisoner of self-judgement), and 13 years of living as a professional dancer (which kept me feeling unworthy and in constant comparison mode), I’ve navigated it ALL. And I’m here to tell you, babe, THERE IS HOPE!!


While my journey wasn't easy, I am so grateful because I have become the queen of CULTIVATING CONFIDENCE! Whether you are a professional dancer looking for confidence in auditions or posting dance videos on social, or an entrepreneur looking to show up more authentically and confidently online so you can build your business, or any woman who wants to have a positive impact on her friends and family, I am here to show you how to cultivate the confidence you need to start living the life you know you are meant to have!


Are you ready to release the fear, worry, and negativity so you can start fulfilling the potential you know you have?


Are you ready to release the self-doubt around posting online or showing up in person so that you can change the world?


Are you ready to spend LESS time getting the perfect social media content, so you can have MORE time spreading your message and growing your business?


Are you ready to start trusting yourself?


Are you ready to expand and up level your life and business?


Are you ready to start owning your ‘YOU-ness’ so you can show up more confidently and start living the life you know that was meant for you?


What is Full Out Confidence? 

Full Out Confidence is a 6-week LIVE online course designed to support you in building massive confidence so that you can:


  • show up as your truest self in your life and business

  • post on social media with confidence 

  • connect with your target audience authentically

  • own your vision, your brand, and your goals

  • fulfill the potential you know you have 

  • show up in your relationships with integrity


Confidence isn’t something you just wake up one day having… Confidence is a muscle you get to work and build and train! And in these six weeks, you will have the opportunity to flex your confidence muscles!! How you ask?


What you get: 

  •  Six LIVE 90-minute weekly Zoom calls 

You’ll get LIVE teaching and coaching from me, where I’ll share ALL of my experiences and knowledge. This is LIVE, so you get REAL TIME support navigating your life and business confidence journey. *THIS IS PRICELESS* I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on personal and business coaching, online programs, certifications, and masterminds with top coaches, copywriters, social media experts, plus my own personal experience. This is NOT a pre-recorded seminar so it will be tailored to YOU and your goals!


  • Weekly experiential homework

Confidence isn’t built overnight. You don't wake up with confidence. Weekly experiential homework will support you in getting uncomfortable and GROWING. Weekly accountability for your growth is what I’m ALL ABOUT! This is about YOU becoming the next version of yourself!

  • Private Facebook community

Ever felt alone in your journey? Your private FB community will be your connection point with the women who are also working towards the same goal (community support is everything)!! **Think support on your social media posts, honest shares, and connection with women WHO JUST GET IT!!


  • Real-time feedback

It’s one thing to be taught a bunch of mindsets and practical information, but its NEXT LEVEL when you get hands-on feedback on your social media posts. What’s working? What’s not? What can be improved? This was a game-changer for my personal brand!


This is for you if:

You are being called to step up and step out

You are ready to GROW, EXPAND and UPLEVEL

You are feel the pull towards something greater

You know you have a message that people need

You’re looking for a community of women who are also ready for expansion

You want individual coaching to build your personal confidence so you can achieve everything you know you’re meant to achieve

You’re sick of staying in your shit and you’re ready to soar!


This is not for you if:

You aren't sure if you’re ready to grow

You aren’t ready to invest in yourself or your business

You only care about money, but not making a difference




When you apply and reserve your spot by Friday, October 16, you’ll get a BONUS 30-min strategy session with me (valued at $300)!


Jump in and reserve your spot TODAY!


This course is valued at over $8000 worth of material, coaching, and community, but I want to make it affordable for EVERY woman who needs this in her life and offering it for only $997 (or split into two payments of $597)

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