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Mindset is everything,

but how do you actually go about changing the way your mind works? You can listen to podcasts, read books, and consume material that’s supposed to change your life, but until you take personal action, things won’t change. Babe, it’s time to get down and dirty and uncover what is holding you back. 


In this 2.5 hour workshop, you’ll be given the guidance, space, and tools to determine the stories that are keeping you small and the process you can use to release it, and write a new one. With visualizations, short meditations, journaling, and guidance, you’ll be supported in releasing that thoughts that are keeping you small.


This is a recording of a live zoom workshop, so you will be witnessing four other women’s journeys while you participate in the privacy of your own space. The beautiful thing about a group dynamic is that often we can learn so much about ourselves by watching others’ transformation and experience. Best part of having the recording? You get to do this workshop over and over again as it relates to every facet of your life! 


This is perfect for the woman who is stepping into her personal development journey and wants to release anything blocking her from accessing her next level.




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