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The key to self-love is YOU!

Look, I’ve been there. I’ve found myself entrenched in a toxic marriage, fighting body dysmorphia after a fitness competition, battling to find my worth in the professional dancer world of auditions in NYC/LA, getting dumped by a long-term boyfriend in the middle of the pandemic. I know what it’s like to hate yourself, to feel little to zero self-love, self-confidence or self-worth. 


And I can’t wait to share some of my practices and tips so that YOU can create the life you’ve always wanted.


Your experience of self-love is the key to EVERYTHING. It’s the key to your health, your relationships, your finances, and your overall level of happiness and abundance. Yet so many women in our society struggle with a complete lack of self-worth and self-love.


In this 50-minute workshop, I’ll give you 5 steps to cultivating self-love on an energetic, physical and spiritual level. Get your pen and paper ready to take notes, journal after a short guided meditation, and write down your biggest a-ha moments. 


The key to self-love is YOU. You’re worthy of feeling your divine power and essence, love. I’m rooting for you sis.


Use the form below to pay safely via Paypal. Once payment is submitted, you will automatically receive a link to download my Self-Love Workshop


Click here to download the Self-Love Workshop!

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