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Samantha Jo Harvey dance coach arbonne

Hi, I’m Sam. Professional dancer, life coach, and entrepreneur. It is my mission to help women LIVE LIFE FULL OUT. Do you ever feel like you’re floating through the motions, but you’re not living up to your potential? Are you ready to rediscover your fire and create abundant finances, health, and relationships? Maybe you have passion in your life, but you lack the paycheck. Or maybe you have the paycheck, but you lack the passion. I’m here to tell you you can have BOTH. You can have it all, sister! The life you want is waiting for you. Let me help you let go of self doubt, build confidence, and call in abundance so you can live life FULL OUT. 

Samantha Jo Harvey dance coach Arbonne

I started dancing in my mama's womb and haven't stopped! From performing for ten seasons with the Radio City Rockettes to being an assistant choreographer for a contemporary modern company and musical theater shows in NYC to LA industrials and movies, I have been so fortunate to live out my passion for dance. (More on my performance career under the performance tab).

As an athletic dancer, I seamlessly transitioned to the fitness world where I acquired a zillion certifications, was a Nike Master Trainer, competed in an NPC Bikini competition, and appeared in multiple fitness videos.

While struggling with nutrition and body image after competing, I discovered an anti-inflammatory nutrition program that changed my life.  I knew that my friends, family and clients needed this achievable, life changing plan as well. The food prison, that was once an obstacle, set the stage for my wildly successful health and wellness business.


That all sounds great, right?! But the truth is, while I was simultaneously achieving great things professionally, my marriage was struggling. I remember one day waking up and realizing I wasn't happy. I found myself surviving rather than thriving. And thus began my spiritual journey. Through books and podcasts and therapy and online courses, I gathered the courage to leave a marriage that no longer fulfilled me in search of a life overflowing with joy, happiness, love, laughter, and abundance.


It is now my mission to empower women to live their lives FULL OUT!

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